Professional Maintenance

It is easier to keep up than catch up. A well designed and maintained landscape can increase property values by as much as 20%. In order to properly maintain your valuable landscape, we will visit your property once a month from March until December or can schedule the frequency based on your needs.
Weeding All landscape beds and walkways will be weeded. Our technicians are trained not only to use proper horticultural practices but also to recognize weeds as indicators of soil conditions.
Pruning- Shrubs will be pruned at the right time of year to maintain proper habit. With an understanding of how plants respond to various pruning cuts, our technicians will manage the growth of your shrubs and small trees.
Deadheading-Flowers will be deadheaded and cut back to promote flowering and proper form. They will also be thinned as needed to remain productive and healthy.
Edging-Planting beds will be edged in the spring before mulching. Edging helps to keep the lawn from creeping into the beds but also adds definition to the gardens and accentuates the lines of the landscaped areas.
Mulching-The two major reasons to mulch are moisture retention and weed management. However, most mulching is done improperly. Our technicians will correct any over mulching that may have been done. Around boxwoods we recommend the use of pine bark mulch.
Deer Repellent-To discourage the destructive browsing of deer, monthly applications of deer repellent will be applied.
Additional services include but are not limited to –Compost applications, bulb planting, container gardens, anti-desiccant applications, garden coaching and seasonal decorating.