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My Favorite Joys of the Autumn Season


This First Day of Autumn…..

The Autumnal Equinox signals the departure of summer, but it also signals the arrival of new seasonal joys and pleasures.

Specifically, the Autumn Equinox is the date that both day and night are equal, about 12 hours each.  While we may be sad to see the light diminishing here in the Northeast, people living at the South Pole are celebrating the first day of Spring and the return of the light. On the flip side, those living at the North Pole begin six months of near darkness.  While the change in seasons and sunlight is a function of latitude, how you approach it really comes down to a matter of attitude.

Here’s what I look forward to on this first day of Autumn:
  • …cool morning breezes drifting across my face from the open window next to my bed while still wrapped in the warmth of my covers,
  • …rediscovering my comfy fall wardrobe of sweaters and fleeces,
  • …watching the recently-fledged new generation of still fluffy chickadees discover the tasty treats that lie within the drooping sunflower heads outside my kitchen window,
  • …reliving memories of building giant leaf piles with my siblings and having my dad dump me into the middle of it from the wheelbarrow
  • …and of course, enjoying the rainbow of changing leaf colors, as the receding green chlorophyll unmasks the palate of colors that had been lying hidden within!

I hope you have your own special ways of enjoying the seasonal flavors of our Northeast harvest season — whether it be fresh apple crisp, Oktoberfest beer, mountainous leaf piles, pumpkin-picking, or the smell of distant bonfires in the air …. I’d love to hear yours!


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